GOD. Generator Organizer Destroyer/Deliverer


I’ve been living my life from the point of view that I’m the creator of my own reality.  No matter what is created, the so called good, bad and the ugly, it’s all my own creations.  Why would one want to take responsibility for their creations?  If what you have created is something you would not prefer, then you can destroy and uncreate it.  It’s that easy.

If you created something that you like, then you can continue to recreate, and create more.  That’s power.   How does it get better than that?

On the other hand, if one chooses to see what happens to them is because of someone else, then one can not do anything to change their circumstances.  This sure sounds to me like victimhood, and that isn’t fun.

So today I ask you what do you choose, victim/ victimizer,  or GOD… Generator, Organizer, Destroyer/Deliverer?

Some people may think they are the chosen ones, I say I am a choosing one.  Anything that doesn’t allow you to be the empowered choosing one will you destroy and uncreate?   On a count of 3… 1,2,3, Swish.

I’d like to offer you a ritual that I have done for years and years.  So prepare yourself with:

  1. pen and paper or computer
  2. a timer/watch set for 30 minutes

Now take some long deep breaths.  I suggest you focus on the exhale, and allow the in breath to automatically come in on it’s own.  You may even like to center yourself by imagining you are a beautiful and magnificent tree, and your legs and feet and toes are like the roots going deep into the Earth.  Allow yourself to be the infinite being you truly be, that without the limitations of time, money, age , looks, education etc that lock you up in a no choice reality, what would you create that would be yummy for you?

Set an intent to listen to the quiet voice in your heart.  Then start writing.

Don’t stop till you’ve reached 108 things that you’d like to show up in your world.  I suggest 30 minutes so you don’t think too much.  Tuck this list away in a place where you won’t find it till next year.  Even better put it in an envelope with your name and address and give it to a friend who will send it to you next year.

You’ll be delighted at how powerful you are, and how your life will be more heaven on Earth.

I have achieved most of all that was on my original list and more.

How does it get better than this?

With Love and Light,



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